The association for Electromechanics
and rotating machinery.


ELR, the Electro Mechanical Winding Works’ Association, is an industry association consisting of electromechanical workshops and manufacturers of electromechanical products in Sweden.

ELR was formed in 1948 with the aim of gathering good workshops in a trade organization with the task of creating relevant training and monitoring the interests of the members as well as acting as a united force in contact with suppliers and authorities.

Today, ELR has 85 connected electromechanical workshops from Ystad in the south of Sweden to Kiruna in the north. Our members help you with service and winding of electric motors as well as sales of electric motors, pumps, hand tools, welders, high-pressure washers, welders, power plants, etc. Many members also offer a well-sorted stock of spare parts.

Welcome to ELR.

Electric motor day

On the 7th of October each year, we want to highlight the power of the electric motor by celebrating the Day of Electric Motors. This day was established by ELR, the Electro Mechanical Winding Works’ Association.

The electric motor is a proven construction that has existed for many years in our daily life. Pumps, lifts, fans, drills, trains, trams, escalators and air conditioning systems and much more powered by electric motors.

Electric motors are everywhere around us in industry, healthcare, production and in your home. On October 7, we would like to remind you to think a little extra about an electric motor near you!

ELR and our member companies work to raise awareness that it is often a waste of resources to replace functioning electric motors that are in operation. Instead, we encourage our customers to regularly service and renovate electric motors to make them last a long time.

Christer Eskilsson, Chairman ELR